Massage in Tervuren (region Brussels)

What has always fascinated me is the potential of well-being that our two hands could bring by the touch of the other. It is really this simplicity and this positive step that pushed me to become a masseur.

Our Western society is sorely lacking in touch, which is less the case in some Eastern cultures, for example, where touch is part of people’s daily lives. In our stress-filled society, we need more and more little moments for us to refocus on our body envelope. A moment out of time and where all the attention is dedicated to us.

Massages can be not only relaxing, but also therapeutic. They will never replace a physiotherapist or an osteopath. However, in addition to these they can help relieve muscle stiffness. Because the masseur works on the muscles and the tendons in order to soften them by allowing a revitalisation of the metabolism of the body.

In order to be able to satisfy you at best, I composed a list of massages proposed quite varied which can suit your different expectations:
Swedish massage
Relaxing back massage
Stressed back massage
Heavy legs massage
Oriental massage
Sports recovery massage

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